Give Me Storm

Copyright 2004 Greg London

give me storm that shall rend the Sky apart

white searing lightning to glimpse hell's Heart

deep rolling thunder Bruising the ground

heavy driving Rains to drench all sound

black Anvil clouds to pound back the sun

and gale force Winds leaving nowhere to run

give me Storm that shall Rise as a wave

tempest borne Frenzy and watery grave

crash upon the earth tear Land asunder

set skies Ablaze crackling with thunder

unbridled Fury upon the earth shall heave

Then unforeseen Mercy . . . storm grants Reprieve

give me storm like riptide from Shores reel

off horizon's distant sea Parting rumbles peal

calling freshly washed Sun to tend battered land

a few gentle raindrops Kiss upon my hand

And I shall stand and Wonder with awe

graced to live and seen nature's Beauty raw